Cloud based or on premise software – which is best?

Most digital signage CMS software on the market is marketed in cloud and on premise versions.  Each type has its pros and cons.  Here are some tips on picking the right one for you. Cloud based CMS Cloud based CMS software has been popular for a while now, and it seems there are new entries […]

Not everyone likes your touchscreen kiosk

Rising minimum wages and shrinking profits have sent quick service restaurants looking for savings. Since labour costs represents such a large chunk of operating expenses, many national QSR chains are are considering interactive ordering kiosks to improve their bottom line.  Kiosk proponents speak about increasing efficiency and reducing ordering errors while some argue this is […]

Business intelligence dashboards are worth looking into

Digital signage applications are constantly evolving, and the latest “hot” trend is business intelligence dashboards (BI).  Companies are constantly looking for better ways to gather and present internal data.  The goal is to deliver useful insights to stakeholders so they can make better decisions. Digital content designers are taking notice.  For example, ConnectedSign recently released a […]