It’s official – 3D TV is dead

I just ran into an interesting article announcing 3D TV is now officially dead.  LG and Sony were the last manufacturers who were still making 3D TVs for the consumer market, but they announced they are no longer in production. I have no idea how this will impact the 3D digital signage market since there are still some companies selling […]

More business intelligence dashboards

A while back I wrote about Infocaptor.  They were one of the first dashboard software products that I had seen and I was really impressed with its features and affordability.  I’m glad to see they are still around and the product has continued to evolve. Infocaptor is a great all around BI tool that lets you create smart dashboards […]

Business intelligence dashboards for everyone

Perhaps you recently installed a few digital signage displays in your office, and you’re showing some local news.  Maybe you rotate this content with weather feeds a few company announcements.  It’s all great.  People like what they see and are paying attention to your screens. But if you want your displays to have a lasting impact, maybe you should […]

Why digital signage projects fail

Every year the CES show kicks off with a slew of PC and display tech announcements.  This year is no exception with new small form factor PCs and super-thin flat panel displays.  CES is a consumer show but a lot of the technologies shown there will directly influence what we see at the digital signage shows […]