Digital Signage Tips for Restaurant Menu Boards

Digital signage has become really popular with the food service industry.  Some folks will point to new advertising regulations but there is more to it than dietary information.  You can simply do much more with digital signage content. Videos and animations help make products “pop” right off the menu. Menu items can be changed at a moment’s notice so […]

Digital signage training for any business

Digital signage is used by a wide range of businesses and your software training should meet your specific needs.  For example, restaurant owners use digital signage differently than banks or automobile dealerships. Consider these facts when deciding how to spend your training dollars. Training videos only cover the most common software uses. You can’t ask any questions when viewing […]

New eLearning article published on industry web site

This is a new article aimed at educators and training professionals who provide eLearning services online.  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! Check out the article here.

Still using Flypaper for your content?

Flypaper was a neat software program that let you build rich multimedia content with zero programming.  You would save your projects as an interactive Flash app or a video clip which made it a great tool for digital signage and wayfinding.  Flypaper even supported external data through Google docs integration.  Sadly the product was discontinued on May 2015 by it’s […]

Navori Labs introduces new Android media player

Navori Labs is introducing a new, more powerful Android media player for 2016.  The QL StiX 3500 will be available with 16GB of data storage, upgradeable to 32GB.  The “stick” form factor means this device will be easy to hide behind any screen and installation is a cinch.  Just plug the unit in any available […]